We realize the need to see a Retina Specialist can cause you to feel anxious.  Our staff and physicians are dedicated to answering your questions and making you as comfortable as possible.

How Long Will My Exam Take?

A Retina exam is a quite extensive eye exam.  Depending on the specialized test and procedures your doctor feels you need your visit could last 2-3 hours.  While we try to be as efficient as possible, insuring you have a quality visit is our primary concern.

Do I Have To Be Dilated?

To perform a thorough exam, your eyes will be dilated so your physician can see the retina at the back of the eye.  Your eyes could be dilated for 24 hours afterwards.  While most patients are comfortable driving while dilated, we recommend that you have a driver for each visit.

How Do I Prepare For My Visit?

  • Your Drivers’ License or Photo ID
  • Your current health insurance cards, and insurance authorization, if applicable
  • Your prescription glasses
  • Your current medications in their prescribed bottles.
  • Sunglasses to wear after your appointment
  • A driver to take you home

The Exam

Retina exams tend to be more involved than those for glasses or other eye problems such as cataracts or glaucoma. As part of the exam, your eyes will be dilated; pictures or a fluorescein angiogram and other tests may be needed based on the doctor’s examination of your eyes. As a result, your visit can take as long as three hours. We recommend that you have a driver available following your visit due to the dilation.


Although we accept most insurance such as Medicare and most secondary carriers, we do not accept all HMO’s. If you have an HMO, please contact your primary care physician to obtain an authorization for your visit.

Patient Information

Please bring your insurance cards, a photo ID, a list of your medications and the name and phone number of the pharmacy that you use to get your prescriptions filled.



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