Dr. Alexander Eaton

Dr. Alexander Eaton published in Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute publication, Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology

Exploring the complexities of treatment options for care of diabetic macular edema (DME), Dr. Alexander Eaton, founder and director of Retina Health Center has contributed a compilation of case presentations, recently published in Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology, a continuing...

American Society of Retina Specialists honors Drs. Alexander Eaton and Hussein Wafapoor at annual meeting in Vienna, Austria

Retina Health Center Director Dr. Alexander Eaton and his colleague, Dr. Hussein Wafapoor, received the American Society of Retina Specialists’ (ASRS) 2015 Honor Award at the ASRS Annual Meeting on July 11 in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Eaton is the founder and director of Retina Health...
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